MWA Membership

MWA Membership

Form Submission:

New Members:

Please fill in the form, sign and scan it and send to

Current Members (Renewal):

First I thank you on behalf of the MWA executive committee for supporting your organisation as an MWA member.

By keeping your membership you contribute towards more than 100 Mahafil o Majalis & Dua o lectures that MWA organises in a year that spread teachings of Islam and love of Ahl-ul-Bait A.S, provision of education at MWA school, construction of our new Imambargah, and interfaith harmony. So thank you again.

To continue your support I like to request you to renew your MWA membership for the next year. The last date to renew for another year is 31st Jul 2019, however I request you to please act now and renew at the first opportunity when you visit MWA in the month of Holy Ramadan. The renewal fee is $100 + gst. Your timely renewal will help your organisation immensely and support it in continuing serving the community.

Your  membership renewal fee of $140 (inclusive of GST) for the next financial year (1st Jul 2019 – 30th Jun 2020) is due on 1st Jul 2019 for the next financial year and has to be paid on or before that date.  The last date of membership fee payment is 31st Jul 2019

Fee Payment:

Fee Payment: You can pay the membership fee in person to MWA Treasurer at an MWA event or transfer online to our bank and email the receipt along with the form or to our treasurer

ACCOUNT NAME: Muhammadi Welfare

ACCOUNT NAME: Muhammadi Welfare

BSB : 062116 – ACCOUNT NUMBER : 00903470


BSB : 062471 – ACCOUNT NUMBER : 10242515

BANK: Commonwealth Bank of Australia


The membership of MWA is processed and fee are collected as per the relevant MWA Constitution clauses below


a The Ordinary membership of the Association will be open to all followers of Ithna Ashri Islam of 18 years of age and over residing for minimum six months in the state of New South Wales with the exception of Honorary members.
b A new member shall not to eligible to vote at the elections of the Executive Committee Membersor Trustees during the first six (6) months of his/her membership


6:1 The annual subscription of membership fee shall be determined by the General Body.
6:2 Membership fee shall be valid for the financial year in which it is paid regardless of the time of the year.
5:3 Upon the non-payment of renewal membership fee by the 31st of July each year. The membership will lapse. In such cases the member may renew the membership at any time by paying all the outstanding dues but will not have the right to vote at an AGM, EGM or Elections for six months from the date of renewal and the membership will be treated as a new member. The secretary will ensure that renewal reminder notices are sent to members at least 30 days prior to expiry of the membership advising them of the conditions as stated in the clause.


6:1 Application for membership of the Association shall be made to the Secretary on the prescribed form . All applicants must be supported by at least one ordinary member. In all cases the Executive Committee shall inform the applicants in writing of the result of their applications.
6:2 The Executive Committee shall have the power to accept or reject any application for membership of the Association without assigning any reason.
6:3 The Executive Committee may require an applicant for the membership of the Association to present himself/ herself to the Executive Committee before his/ her application is approved and membership is confirmed or rejected.

The termination of membership shall occur due:

7:1 Upon the resignation of member in writing.
7:2 Upon expulsion from the Association.
7:3 “Upon being declared mentally ill by competent authorities and agreed upon by the Executive Committee. In such cases the affected member shall automatically become an Associate Member”.

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