Invitation to Manqabat Reciters – MWA Celebration Programs – Record and Send

Invitation to Manqabat Reciters – MWA Celebration Programs – Record and Send

Invitation to Manqabat Reciters
MWA Celebration Programs
Pay Your Tribute to Ahlulbait AS From Your Home

Salam Alaikum Momineen,

We are glad to let you know that our team has done arrangements to include our community reciters in our Online Programs on Facebook.

You now can now participate by sending your Manqabat recordings to us and we will play in our programs (subject to criteria and team’s review)

We are requesting manqabat recordings for our following upcoming programs

1. Hazrat Imam Husain A.S and Bibi Zainab S.A Milad – Sat 28 Mar 8:00 PM
2. Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abideen A.S & Hazrat Abul-Fazl-Al Abbas A.S A.S Milad – Mon 30 Mar 8:00 PM

Recording Guidelines:

The following guidelines will help InshaAllah in getting a good quality clip of yours

Location & background: You can record in your home, in a quiet room. Please see if you can setup some banner in the background or with curtain or wall
Clip Duration: Should not exceed from 5 minutes
Topic: Preference for Relevancy to the Event
Dressing: Appropriate to reciting in a real program on stage (Please avoid too casual)
Device: Mobile recording should be fine, just check proper lighting.
Record in portrait mode: Also use a mobile stand or some other mechanism to avoid shaky recording (do not hold the mobile in your hand)

Submission Guidelines:

Sharing Method:
Upload to your OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox file share etc and send us the view only link. (How to share => )

You can send the file share link via
fb: message us on
SMS Text: +61 469 297 228

Mention for which program manqabt you like to be included(Sat or Mon)

Submission Deadline:

For Sat Program : midnight Fri (27 Mar) 11:59 pm (sorry for short notice)
For Mon Program : midnight Sun (29 Mar) 11:59 pm

We will try to accommodate all submissions however in the case where we cannot fit all then we may post to our FB page later. Also lengthy clips would be trimmed

Looking forward for your contributions and let us know how can we help. Also apologies in advance if something does not go right as we are doing this the first time, but our team will try our best InshaAllah

Thank you,

Muhammadi Welfare Association

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