MWA EC Election – 27 Sep 8 AM to 3 PM

MWA EC Election – 27 Sep 8 AM to 3 PM

FOR MWA FINANCIAL MEMBERS ONLY [Non-Members not permitted]

Election Venue : 1 Bellona Av, Regents Park.

Time – 8:00 am to 3PM


Dear Members,  Assalaam Alaiykum



MWA is the House of our Holy Ahle Bayth a.s. The members, Management and the election staff are all serving the Holy Ahle Bayth a.s. by participating in activities of MWA including the elections.




  1. Candidates shall not indulge in activities which cause differences or tension between candidates ormembers.
  2. Candidates should be ethical and professional in their election campaign and manifesto. If reference is made to other candidates, it shall be confined to their policies and programme. Candidates shall strictly not indulge in personal criticism, mud-slinging and making baseless allegations about othercandidates.
  3. In accordance with Art 12:7 of the Constitution, the Election Officer shall conduct the elections. The decision of the Election Officer on all matters shall be final andbinding. Cooperation with the Election Officer throughout the election process is requested.
  4. If the candidates have any specific complaint or issue which has not already been raised earlier, they may bring it to the attention of the Election Officer in an orderly and civilmanner.
  5. ELECTION DAY CONDUCT (Election Date: 27 September 2020)


  1. The voting shall be by secret ballot. There shall be no proxy or postal votes. (Art 12:11 ofConstitution)
  2. Candidates shall not undertake canvassing inside the voting hall during the votingprocess.
  3. All members and candidates should ensure peaceful and orderly elections, and complete freedom to the voters to exercise their right to vote without being subjected to any annoyance orobstruction.
  4. Photo ID will have to be presented to cast vote on the electionday.
  5. Voters should cast their votes in the Election Hall and leave immediately. Any form of assemblyor discussion in the Election Hall is not allowed.
  6. Only the Election Officer, staff assisting the Election Officer and those persons who are authorized bythe Election Officer will be stationed in the Election Hall during polling and vote counting.
  7. Candidates or one representative of each candidate will be allowed in the election hall as observers during the vote countingprocess.



  1. As per Art 12:12 of the Constitution, the following Executive Committee Members are to be elected:

President                     One (1) position Vacant

Secretary                     Elected unopposed

Treasurer                     Elected unopposed

Executive Members    Four (4) positions vacant

  1. On the ballot paper, voters should mark their choice with a cross (x) or tick ( \/) in the box against candidate of their choice:
  2. After polling ends, vote counting shall commence. The results will be announced after counting is completed.

I wish to thank all candidates and members for their cooperation and participation in the election process.

Wassalam Sincerely,

Jafar Abdi

Election Officer – MWA EC election 2020

T; 0429992110 ,

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