Zakat-al-Fitra – Eid 1441/2020

Fitra can be paid any time during the month of Ramadhan, up to noon on the day of Eid (or Salatul Eid if one is praying it). Zakat Al-Fitra could also be paid on this page, whilst authorising MWA to make the payment of Zakat Al-Fitra on your behalf.

Zakaat al-fitr is a Wajib (obligatory) charity. The head of the family should pay the Zakat for themselves and all their dependents at the end of the month of Ramadhan (although it can be paid in advance). It must be paid before noon of the day of Eid.

A person who is not a Syed cannot give zakat fitrah to a Syed. Therefore when paying please indicate whether you are a Syed or Non-Syed.

In Australia, the minimum amount we are estimating is $10 per person. This is the estimated value of the obligatory 3kgs of some common staple foods. However it is a recommendation to give more.

The rulings of most contemporary Maraji’ are similar to those of Ayatullah Sistani, which can be found here:

We advise those with special circumstances to refer to your Marja’s rulings.

Pay Fitra Online

Fitra Payment Online

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Pay Fitra – Bank Transfer

Fitra Payment via Bank Transfer
Paying via bank transfer:

If you are a Syed, please use the reference: FitraSyed

If you are Non-Syed, please use the reference: FitraNonSyed


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