Annual Islamic Calendar For NSW, Australia 2019/20

Islamic Date Month Event Date
1 Istaqbal e Muharram september Istaqbalia Majlis 31st  August 2019
2 Shab of 2nd Muharram september Majlis Departure from Madinah 1st September
3 Shab of 3rd Muharram september Majlis Arrival in Karbala 2nd September
4 Shab of 4th Muharram september Majlis Shahadat Hazrat Hur A.S 3rd September
5 Shab of 5th Muharram september Majlis Shahadat Hazrat Habib Ibn e Mazahir A.S 4th September
6 Shab of 6th Muharram september Majlis Shahadat Hazrat Aun o Muhammad A.S 5th September
7 Shab of 7th Muharram september Majlis Shahadat Hazrat Qasim A.S 6th September
8 Shab of 8th Muharram september Majlis Shahadat Hazrat Abbas A.S 7th September
9 Shab of 9th Muharram september Majlis Shahadat Hazrat Ali Akbar A.S 8th September
10 Shab of 10th Muharram september Majlis Shahadat Hazrat Ali Asghar A.S 9th September
11 10th Muharram september Majlis Azan e Ali Akbar A.S 10th September
12 10th Muharram september Majlis Shahadat Imam Hussain A.S (Asr e Ashur) 10th September
13 10th Muharram september Majlis Sham e Ghareebaan 10th September
14 11th Muharram september  Rawangi Aseeran e Karbala/Yome Bibi Zainab A.S (No Majlis) 11th September
15 12th Muharram september Soyem Shudaa e Karbala A.S 12th September
16 20th Muharram september 10th of Shudaa e Karbala A.S 20th September
17 25th Muharram september Shahadat Imam e Sajjad A.S 25th September
18 30th Muharram / 1st Safar september 20th of Shudaa e Karbala A.S 30th September
19 10th Safar – 19th Safar Otober Ashra e Arbaeen 10oct-19oct
20th Safar Otober  Arbaeen 20th Oct
20 17th Safar Otober Shahadat-e-Imam Ali Raza A.S 17-Oct
21 28th Safar Otober Majlis Shahadat Imam Hassan A.S / Wafat Rasool e Khuda PBUH 28th oct
22 8th Rabi-ul-Awal november Majlis Shahadat Imam Hassan Askari A.S 6th Nov
23 9th Rabi-ul-Awal november Milad Eid e Zehra A.S 7th Nov
24 17th Rabi-ul-Awal november Milad of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) 15th Nov
25 Milad of Imam Jaffar  e Sadiq A.S
26 10th Rabi-us-Sani december Milad Imam Hassan e Askari A.S 8th DEC
27 5thJamadiul Awal december Milad Wiladat Bibi Zainab A.S 1st Jan
28 3rdJamadiul Thaani january Majlis Shahadat e Bibi Fatima Zehra S.A 29th Jan 2020
29 13thJamadiul Thaani february Majlis Bibi Um-ul-Baneen A.S 8th Feb
30 20thJamadiul Thaani february Milad Bibi Fatima Zehra S.A 15th Feb
31 22ndJamadiul Thaani february Dastarkhwan Imam Hasan A.S 17th Feb
32 1st Rajab february Milad Imam Muhammad Baqir A.S 26th feb
33 3rd Rajab february Majlis Shahadat Imam Ali un Naqi A.S 28th feb
34 9th Rajab March Milad Hazrat Ali Asghar A.S 5th March
35 10th Rajab March Milad Imam Muhammadi Taqi A.S 6th March
36 13th Rajab March Milad Imam Ali A.S 9th March
37 15th Rajab March Majlis Shahadat e  Bibi Zainab A.S 11th March
38 22nd Rajab March Konday Imam Jafar Sadiq A.S 18th March
39 25th Rajab March Shahadat e Imam Musa Kazim A.S 21th March
40 26th Rajab March Wafaat e Hazrat Abu Talib A.S 22nd March
41 27th Rajab March Milad Eidul Mub’ath – Day of Be’sat 23rd March
42 28th Rajab March Majlis Rawangi Imam Hussain A.S 24rd March
43 3rdShabaan March Milad Birthday of Imam Hussain A.S 28th March
44 4thShabaan March Milad Birthday of Mola Ghazi Abbas A.S 29th March
45 5thShabaan March Milad Imam Zain ul Abideen A.S 30th March
46 7thShabaan March Milad Birthday of Shahzada Qasim A.S 1st April
47 11thShabaan April Milad Birthday of Mola Ali Akbar A.S 5th April
48 Shab of 15thShabaan April Milad Birthday of Imam e Zamana A.S + Aamaal 8th April
49 Day of 15thShabaan April Fajr 5:30am – Fasting Recommended 9th April
50 1st Night of Ramzan 2020 April Ramzan Information calendar will be separate 25th/ 26   April 2020
51 10thRamzan May Wafat e Bibi Khadija S.A 4th  May
52 15thRamzan May Wiladat e Imam Hassan A.S 9th May
53 18thRamzan May 1st Shab e Qadr Amaal 12th May
54 19thRamzan May Majlis e Shab e Zarbat of Mola Ali A.S 13th May
55 20thRamzan May Majlis e Shahadat e Imam Ali A.S 14th May
56 21st Ramzan May Sehri after 2nd  Shab e Qadr Amaal 15th May
57 22nd  Ramzan May Shab of 3rd  Shab e Qadr Amaal 16th May
58 23rdRamzan May Sehri after 3rd  Shab e Qadr Amaal 17th May
59 1st Shawwal May Eid-ul-Fitr Namaz + Breakfast 25th May
60 8th Shawwal May Yom e Inhaydam e Jannat ulBaqi 1st June
61 25th Shawwal June Majlis Shadaat of Imam Jaffar e Sadiq A.S 18th June
62 29th Shawwal June Milad e Wiladat e Hazrat Abu Talib A.S 22nd June
63 1stZilqad June Milad e Wiladat e Hazrat Maasooma e Qum S.A 23rd June
64 11thZilqad July Milad e Wiladat e Hazrat Imam Ali Raza A.S 3rd July
65 25 thZilqad July Dahwul Arz – The Spreading Of Earth 17th July
66 29thZilqad July Majlis Shadaat of Imam Mohammad Taqi  A.S 21st July
67 1stZilhajjah July Milad Aqd e Bibi Fatima A.S wa Mola Ali A.S 23rdJuly
7thZilhajjah July Majlis Shadaat Imam Muhammad Baqir A.S 29th July
68 9thZilhajjah July Due e Yom e ArfaàNamaazàAftaar 31th July
69 Majlis Shahdaat Hazrat Muslim A.S – (Fasting Recommended)
70 10thZilhajjah July Eid – ul – Azha Prayers 1st August
71 15th Zilhajjah August Milad Wiladat Imam Ali Naqi A.S 6th August
72 18th Zilhajjah August Milad Eid e Ghadeer – (Fasting Recommended) 9th August
73 24th Zilhajjah August Milad Eid e Mubahila / Wiladat Bibi Sakina A.S 15-Aug
1st Moharram 1442 August Next Year 21th August

Upcoming MWA Events

08 May 2021

Salam Alaikum Brothers & Sisters, We are organizing ‘Ramzan Kahoot’ on Sat 8th May 7:30 PM We encourage our youth to level up their

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09 May 2021

Salam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, 12th ANNUAL HOLY QURAN RECITATION COMPETITION – RAMADHAN 1442 AH / 2021 AD. Last date for registration is

12 May 2021

*Chand Raat festival – Wednesday 12th May – 6:00 PM ===================== *Salam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,* *Inshallah, we will be

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